StripPoker's Molecuultje JW'13 W'13 

(Amsterdam JW 2013 & Winner 2013)


Griffon Bruxellois female

born 12.03.2013

Breeder: H.M. v/d Berg

Molly is co-owned with the breeder 

Syringomyelia (MRI) : CM 1c / SM 0c 28.3.2014
Heart ultrasound colour doppler :
ECVO eyetest :
Patella luxation : 1/0
No kinky tail, webbed feet or wry mouth





Neibade's Fantasia Fan-Fan Flikje 



 CH. Ratcatcher's Grimm


CH. Ratcatcher's Minos Herqules

Ratcatcher's Jabberwock

Ratcatcher's Hera

CH. Ratcatcher's Veronica

 Leo-Begicus Paso-Doble

 Ratcatcher's Shiva


 CH. Neibade's Raquel Rebecca 


 CH. Pink Kvest Step to Top

CH. Pink Kvest Liverpool

Jaydean Passing Stranger 

CH. Pikkanan Rough Eerika

 CH. Pikkanan Disco Stu

 CH. Pikkanan Rokki Ruusu





CH. StripPoker's Kletskopje



 CH. Bristol Bay's Its A Kinda Magic


Leo Begicus Headline


CH. Beargriff Thomas 

 CH. Leo Belgicus That's Common Town

CH. Bristol Bays Hot'N Spicy 


Yoshi Of Baluchistan 

 CH. Leo Belgicus Fire-Flame


CH. Bennachtaí Quantum Leap 


CH. Jaydean Voyager


Maquant He's Rett 

Jaydean First Love 

Bennachtaí Gorgeous Augusta 


Bennachtaí Arlon Amhain 

 CH. Bennachtaí Exclusive Erin 

9 months
9 months Winner Amsterdam 2013
14 months
Cuultje 18 months & Truffeltje
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