NL CH Neibade's Poffertje CW'18 & Monkeylike Belly Button

Pepernootje  -  Roosa  -  Taika  -  Poffertje  - Kaatje  -  Molly  -  Ella  -  Bindy  -  Jade   in June 2017

Bindy  - Jade  - Ella

Chivalrous's Ayleen, Bindy & Vanya in May 2014

How many dogs can you fit in a small dogbed?

Neibade's Seashell Senora Banaantje July 2013

Truffeltje, Banaantje & Ayleen (Xsiina in back) June 2013

Roosa, Taika & Ilona in June 2013

Ayleen, Xsiina and Vanya in the middle in May 2013 

Xsiina, Vanya, Wea

Chivalrous's Xsiina Xanthippe

Taika, Vanya, Roosa in May 2011

On our daily walk in May 2012

Chivalrous's Silk and Satin

NL & INT CH. Chivalrous's Ebony Eyes JW'05, BDSSG'06, VDH. CH. Owner: Angelique van Marion

February 2011

Chivalrous's Otto-Poika

Roosa, Ilona, Inez and Savanna June 2009

A hot day in July 2008